Wood is the oldest and one of the most beautiful natural materials.

Wood is steadily growing again and a raw material of individual type.

Wood grows by solar energy and converts carbon (which forms a big part of the pollution caused by motor vehicles or the industry) into oxygen at its growth .

Wood has a pleasant surface temperature and feels good.

Wood furniture conveys a comfortable cosines, wood is pure nature!

We use high-quality and refined wood - whenever possible from local grounds.

A look into the history of architecture proves: no other material is as durable and beautiful at the same time than wood.

Wood develops his own natural beauty in our furniture.

Through careful processing and high-quality surface refining it gets the features needed to beautify your house as furniture and to enjoy and accompany you for a lifetime.

The increasing desire for natural materials in all areas of life is not by chance: You want to know whether the things in your daily life are of quality and sustainability.

Beautiful wood going through manual work enriched by creativity becomes a truly distinctive piece of furniture.


Come and see and enrich your life!


... is beautiful

Wood is beautiful
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