Welcome to my Furniture-Section!

You have reached the place where we should take some time to discuss your dreams:

First of all you should take a look at a few thinks Iíve done in the past. Take your time and look around. Just click here.


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By the way: Everything you see in my showroom can be bought immediately. If you felt in love with one of the pieces or if you do not want to wait until I built your individual dream: Click here and see in detail what I currently have For Sale...

I think this was a good introduction. Now letís go into more detail. I have a number of topics I would love to discuss with you:

  • Fancy some real good Antique-Style furniture? The magic of wood as the basic material for furniture has been discovered long ago. See how we can build noble masterpieces in the tradition of generations and how we can repair and renew buried treasures from your house. Click here to discuss your Antique dreams...
  • For how long now are you dreaming your dream of an ideal kitchen? Furniture which is not available through mass-production! Something which really reflects your individual style and really fits into your room! Your dream will come true. Join me in my kitchen section...
  • Look around in the office you are sitting in right now! Surrounded by standard-furniture? Mass-produced and barely fitting to your special needs? You have found the right partner to transform your office into a very special place! A place to work and to express your individual style! Click here and follow me into my Office Furniture Section...

Here is another picture with some examples from my showroom. Just click on the pieces to see more of this....

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