Here is what you are looking for:

  • Excellent pieces,
  • Each of them unique and handmade
  • For immediate sales without any waiting time

There are two main groups of pieces which you can take away immediately:

  • Antique and historic pieces most of them with a long history and a story to tell. Click here or scroll down to take a closer look.
  • New pieces - designed and build within the last year. Occasionally I build some pieces explicitly for my showroom. Of course you can buy them immediately. Click here to see more.

Imagine this exquisite cabinet in your house.


Ever seen a more noble way to tell the time?

Sit down, relax, enjoy this chair which is made for generations

Noble chair

Antique for sale:

Some of the pieces you see here date back more than a century. Each of them is carefully refurbished and will last for generations to come:

New pieces for sale:


Work is fun!

Inspiration is a matter of the right environment!

The desk is 162 cm wide, 76 cm high, 88 cm deep     ( 64 inch x 30 inch x 35 inch)

Checkerboard door
Door with Star

Here are two front-doors for you. Both are 213 cm high (84 inch). The left one is 168,7 cm wide (66,5 inch); the right one is 181,5 cm wide (71,5 inch)

bench from aside

Here is a very stylish bench:

  • made by oak, white finished
  • 126 cm wide, 93 cm high, 60 cm deep (50 inch, 37 inch, 24 inch)
  • available immediately

The most stylish way to present your books ...

Even if this has been built recently it is designed in a 100+ year old style

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