If you have your very special idea of your new antique-style masterpiece I do have very good news for you: I am here to implement your dreams up to the last detail. Let’s go over to my custom build section. I want to show you a few examples of pieces I have build for other customers. Simply click here or on the picture ...

Thank you for coming over here ... This is the right environment to talk about antique-style wooden furniture. There are a lot of options to make you the proudly owner of a new masterpiece in your house:

The fastest and easiest way is to buy some of the pieces I have here in my “For Sale” section. They all have highest quality combined with a history which gives them their very unique story to tell.

Click here or on the picture to go to the “For Sale” section ...

For Sale

Here is a completely different idea for you: Do you remember the old little table standing somewhere in your loft or your basement ... ???

Imagine how it would look like if I bring new life into it! Click here or on the picture to see examples ...

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