Do you like wood ceilings?

And do you know what quality is?

And have you heard of people who tried to install a wood ceiling without training and professional tools?

You have found the right partner !


We build for you a wood ceiling in professional quality: made of massive wood, robust and durable, designed and build for the specifics of your room.

You can get the ceiling in any color you want - perfectly harmonized with the style of your room. The whole installation is suitable for wet-rooms an can carry electrical installations e.g. for spot-lights.

As you can see we offer you a multitude of styles: Different types of wood with their natural color or in special design; Including mouldings for a perfect impression down to the last detail.

Beside we will do the complete installation in your room! This includes not only a perfect fit in every corner but also every whole (for installations) and - if wanted - a final


To show you in more detail how we build and install such a ceiling we have prepared a short photoshow for you. Simply click on the link below to start it!


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