What a view!

What a window!

Beauty and warmness combined with style!

Cases and ledges for windows are something special: Itís about beauty and style but first and foremost itís about functionality and durability!

Guess what the perfect material for this task is???

Itís wood!

Wood has a number of properties which are unmatched by any other material. Itís natural behaviour keeps coldness and humidity outside. Itís elasticy ensures perfect harmony with the wall and perfect fit for decades.

Scroll down to see a few examples of our work and get inspired for your house!

No two views are the same. And so ainít no two windows!

We plan, design and build the window which fits exactly into your room. This takes into account the outside-conditions like sunlight and rain as well as the function of the room and your style.

Special situations need special solutions e.g. over-the-corner ledges.

Love for the detail:

Only custom-made solutions really fit in style as well as in inch and feet!

We do care:

From the selection of the wood to the installation and finishing - craftsmanís quality guaranteed!

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