Do you have an office?

Or do you like wainscotts on the wall?

You have found the right place to realize your dream!

A wainscott is definitely one of the most elegant ways to design a wall. It creates a very special style and - at the same time - has a number of practical advantages: you can hide installations and heaters and the wall itself is protected against mechanical influences.

Take your time and look around to see a few examples for wainscotts. And donít forget to contact me to tell me about your plans!

What you see is the sophisticated structure of a wainscott we did for one of our customers. The boards are designed to produce a three-dimensional structure which gives a very noble style at the wall.

Here I can show you only a few examples of how a wainscott could look like.

Itís your room! Itís unique! So letís sit together and design the unique coat for itís walls!

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