Do you remember the last time you entered a room through a door made of massive wood - or through a french glass-door with sophisticated inlays?

Remember the impression of solid and valuable interior design?

Why not creating this impression for your house?

Come in and scroll down! I want to show you a few examples - just to stimulate your ideas!

Look at this: Two leaves open a wide door and invite you to come in - or close down to hide whats behind.

Type of wood, color and design and have to be carefully selected to perfectly fit into your room.

My experience and the possibilities of my well equiped workshop guarantee perfect realization.

A door made of pine wood is a very interesting alternative. This type of wood creates a warm athmosphere and combines beauty with durability.

Hall stand and interior door in perfect harmony. A craftmans work guarantees perfect fit not only in length and hight but foremost in style and athmosphere.

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