My name is SIEGBERT and I’m the owner of “Chester Furniture 2001 Ltd.”.

My goal is to enhance your live by designing and building the most valuable furniture for you. I believe in the magic of wood and in the warmness and beauty it brings into your house.

I hold a German Master Diploma for building furniture. Our family of five: my wife, our three sons and myself came from Germany to live and work in this wonderful country “Canada”.

I’m second generation master carpenter, handcrafting our furniture and using time-honored methods of joinery and finishing. Here in Canada I will continue our family tradition of creating high-quality furniture and I take great pride in my craft.


I do care:

I select every piece of wood carefully for its grain and uniformity in color. Frame and panel construction is used wherever possible to allow for  an  appropriate movement of the wood.

Quality features such as tongue and groove connections, dovetails, fingerjoints, sliding, dovetails and wood pegs can be found as well as mortise and tenon joints.

I pay particular attention to detail and we apply finishes that enhance the natural beauty of the wood. I work in a variety of hardwoods like teak, oak, mahogany, maple.

A piece of furniture that I build will become a part of your family.

Furniture by Chester Furniture 2001 Ltd. is creative and solid. We do not build furniture for just a lifetime but for generations.



I look forward to the opportunity to serve you !

Welcome !

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